Sizzix big shot machine

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Sizzix Big Shot Review 2021: Is it Worth it?

This website uses cookies. By continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Click here to learn how we use cookies for a better browsing experience. Presenting a brand-new look for the Big Shot! With a sleek white and gray color scheme and the Sizzix logo embossed on the handle, this version of the Big Shot Machine offers plenty of stylish appeal with the same versatility of working with the entire Sizzix product library with the exception of Bigz Plus and Bigz Pro dies - including our smallest to our big 6" wide plastic-backed dies and embossing tools.

If that wasn't big enough, this portable roller machine cuts and embosses many different materials. To ensure compatibility, always check machine and accessory requirements. Machine accessories may be sold separately. Included with the Big Shot are a pair of Standard Cutting Pads and the Standard Platform, which makes all Sizzix components thinner than a Bigz Die compatible with the Big Shot Machine and even works with other brands' dies and embossing tools!

The diagrams on the Platform and Thin Die Adapter offer easy guidelines about how to make the perfect Sizzix sandwich.

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Add to Cart. Add to Wishlist. Overview Ideas Instructions Accessories Compatibility. To add another 2 years to your warranty, register your machine here. Customers also loved. Sign Up to Keep In Touch! For more information see our privacy policy. Yes, I agree!Our posts may contain affiliate links where we are compensated for purchases you make. This helps us to keep the site running. Sizzix is one of our favorite companies creating simple, low cost cutting machines — and we think they deserve a much wider user base than they already have.

Some of our crafting friends are diehard Sizzix fans that consider their store a one-stop shop for everything craft-related. They work best for light use with minimal pressure. Scrapbookers too. People making large scale vinyl signage? Not so much. Head on over to our USCutter review instead! In a nutshell, die cutting is the act of using a steel cutting die to cut shapes and patterns into a thin material.

Cardmakers and scrapbookers use a lot of die cutting in their crafts, as do jewelry makers and even fashion designers. The material you choose to cut must be very thin and flat, but can range anywhere between tissue paper, chipboard and thin metal foils. You can read our full review and rating of it here. The Eclips2 is computerized and bears more of a resemblance to the desktop cutters from Cricut and Silhouetteas opposed to the other Cricut products.

Small, white and gray in color, and with a hand crank for you to manually feed the material and die through the machine, the Sizzix Big Shot look is a real classic. Its maximum cutting width is 6 inches and maximum length up to the longest extended cutting pads you can buy usually about 14 inches. When you buy it from Amazon, it already comes equipped with a pair of standard cutting pads and an adjustable extended multipurpose platform.

This ensures that it can be used with the majority of dies — even those from other brands! If you want to find out more, read our full review.

sizzix big shot machine

Scrapbookers, rejoice! We told you Sizzix like to keep it simple.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Items 1 - 24 of Get great deals on Sizzix at CraftDirect. Browse through CraftDirect. Made with quality construction, you can expect precise cuts from Sizzix craft dies.

This is a rather simple process that can deliver huge results in your projects. In order to cut, you need to sandwich your chosen dies with your Sizzix material in between two cutting pads and then run it through your machine.

Depending on the die type, different, essential Sizzix accessories may be required. You haven't experienced crafting like a true professional until you try crafting with Sizzix. Dies are seriously the way to go for all your craft project needs.

sizzix big shot machine

They are safe, easy to use, and a lot of fun. Check out our site for industry leading paper crafting supplies and discover all the amazing things our Sizzix dies can do for you. If you don't find what you need here, we carry other brands of craft diesas well as embossing folders.

Shop by Brand Sizzix Sizzix Dies. Sizzix Dies. Framelits Dies. Thinlits Dies. Bigz Dies. Sidekick Side-Order. Village Dies. Katelyn Lizardi Planner.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. They are convenient, affordable, and easy to use. If you are looking for a quality machine for cutting and embossing, CraftDirect has the perfect Sizzix deal for you.

Here you will find a large selection of Sizzix Big Shot machines, bundle deals, and accessories to go along with your machine. Our affordable prices are why so many love to shop with us.

Sizzix cutting machines have a reputation for quality and offers you great solutions for making cards, invitations, layouts, frames, banners, and so much more.

Compared: The Best Sizzix Die Cutters

Sizzix Big Shot machines can do it all. The Sizzix Big Shot is a fun way to improve your craft projects, whether you want to cut out intricate designs or add texture to your paper project. It's perfect for beginners who are just starting out and for experienced crafters as well. The right Sizzix accessories will make all the difference in your projects in terms of convenience, efficiency, and results.

Use fresh cutting pads and the proper adapters, base trays, platformsetc. Learn more about the process and get inspiration from our their booklets. Pro tip: you can emboss with Thinlits dies if you use an Impressions pad and a Silicone Rubber sheet.

If you are looking for a Big Shot die cutter, you have come to the right place. We have the finest die cutting and embossing machines that you will find on the internet. We have everything you need to get your crafty mind creating.

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Big Shot. View as Grid List. Show 24 36 Add to Cart. Shop By. Shopping Options Price. Types of Sizzix Big Shot Machines Standard Big Shot - this is the classic option and the most popular because of the bang for your buck. Project material and dies can be up to 6" wide. Big Shot Express - unlike other Big Shot die cutters, this option does not require manual hand-cranking to operate the machine; it's electronic.

You can fit dies and folders that are up to 8. Big Shot Pro - in this case, you can go up to 12" wide with your projects! Creating with a Big Shot The Sizzix Big Shot is a fun way to improve your craft projects, whether you want to cut out intricate designs or add texture to your paper project. Die Cutting - In order to die cut with your Big Shot machines, you need to employ the use of Sizzix dies.

The process is rather simple, yet effective. You make a sandwich with the dies, your material, and two cutting pads the bread of the sandwich and then run it through your Big Shot machine. Remember that all Big Shots make big cuts, but if you need to make abnormally large cutstry the Sizzix Big Shot Pro machine. Embossing - A very popular function on the Sizzix Big Shot machine is its ability to emboss.

sizzix big shot machine

Just like with die cutting, to emboss you need to make a sandwich with cutting pads and material, but in this case you use a Sizzix folder in lieu of a die. Adding dimension to your paper crafts can really make them stand out.When you buy through links on PaperCraftsConnection. The Sizzix Big Shot represents a die-cutting and embossing unit. Thanks to the 6-inch broad openingthe unit cuts forms and intricate designs in seconds.

And thanks to the many patterns in the library to pick from, you can complete different projects. The device and its accompanying folder or die are created for use with the Sizzix product library such as Bigz, Textured Impressions, Framelits, Thinlits, and Impresslits embossing folders. Big Shot can die-cut and emboss different materials including vellum, cardstock, mat board, and leather among many other materials. They make unrivalled automatic and manual die-cutting machines, steel-rule die, embossing folders, etc.

Many cardmakers, scrapbookers, and quilters use their products. This machine has a big surface space to lay down the dies and folders with great ease. The durability and stable platform make it unparalleled. The producer delivers a three-year warranty for this die-cutting machine. It supports the broad and big dies. The Sizzix Big Shot die-cutting and embossing machine includes a 6-inch wide opening. Therefore, the Big Shot is a workhorse with a solid core.

It also has solid steel gears which do a great job slicing through tough and stubborn materials. The Sizzix Big Shot has a super solid base which features hinged tabs. The base was specifically made for Sizzix machines. You can use this base with wafer-thin dies and all of the pads together. It also features helpful diagrams that show users which page and type of embossing folders or dies to utilize.

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sizzix big shot machine

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